Full Spectrum CBD oil 1000MG

Full Spectrum CBD oil 1000MG

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Experience only Good Days with our organically grow, full spectrum 1000 MG CBD Oil. Our 1000 MG strength tincture provides you with 30 servings (33 MG per serving) of safe and easy to consume premium CBD Oil.

All of our Tinctures are:

For Adult use only.


All of our products are tested by third party labs to ensure quality and potency.


We use only 2 ingredients crafting our Natural CBD oil tinctures:

Premium Full Spectrum CBD oil.

100% Pure MCT OIL


Our flavored oils only have 1 additional ingredient:


      *Terpenes are a natural flavor that is in many plants that creates aroma or a flavor profile.


We recommend that you talk to your doctor or physician before use. 

We also recommend that you start with smaller doses and work up to see what works best for you.

Best way to take oils is to use the dropper inside bottles (1 serving = 1 dropper).  Put the oil under your tongue for 45-60 seconds before swallowing.